Iguana Tour


Duration: Day and 1/2

Difficulty: Active curiosity and energy required

Description: For those of you who really like to make strong connections with the place and its people, Iguana Tour is for you. This trip is an intensive course on present-day Mayan living. Heading directly towards Nuevo Durango Mayan community in the early morning, we will be received by one of the villages’ family who will be our hosts for the day. We will be invited to participate and learn how they make their living through organic farming, harvesting, composting… We will eat with them and sleep amongst them, taste their smokey-wooden-flavoured honey as well as swimming in the community’s gorgeous cenote. In the evening we will witness and take part in a purifying ceremony inside a Temazcal: a traditional Mayan sweat lodge and with our bodies and souls clear as cenote water, we will sleep like babies in their ecological wooden cabins.

What does it include?

Many, many things are included in this tour but let’s leave some of them as a surprise. We’ll just let you know that all your food, lodging, drinks and transportation will be provided.

OK, but what should I bring?

As you would expect:

-Biodegradable sunscreen

-Biodegradable mosquito repellent

-Photographic device (however, let us kindly remind you that during this trip we are guests at someone else’s home, so please don’t stick your lenses into people’s faces, specially kids. We are not visiting a museum, we are actively participating in their lifestyle).

-Pocket money (there is beautiful and delicious local-made craftsmanship. No, we do not receive any commission on these sales. Communities keep 100% of the profits they make.)

Most important of all: good vibes, smiles and an open-mind.

This is totally for me! I want to go! How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on how many people you want to bring along. Of course, the more the better! Email or call us for details.

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