What Should I Bring?

IMG_0100Mayan Immersion is a light weight tour. Remember that we will all be traveling in a van that, however big it is, space is not infinite. We ask you not to pack a bag bigger in size than hose allowed as hand-luggage in airplanes (this will save you money when buying a plane ticket!). Don’t worry about not having enough space on the way back if you decide to buy souvenirs, you can always get an empty backpack too and fill it up with your newly acquired items.

Here below is a list of things we suggest you bring. You can print this page and tick off the boxes once you have packed them. Remember, pack lightly.


preview2 pairs of long trousers.

preview2 pairs of short trousers

preview4 T-Shirts

preview1 Smart(ish) Shirt or Dress (not essential)


For your feet:

previewComfortable walking shoes or flip-flops

For water:

previewSwimming wear

previewSmall towel (I mean small)

previewMask and Snorkel


previewTooth Brush & tooth paste (if you are coming with someone else, share it, don’t all bring one)

previewShampoo (100ml or less, remember!)

Other Items:

previewSmall bag or backpack (to carry essential items with you, i.e. wallets, passport, water,…)

previewBiodegradable Sun Screen (we will not be allowed to enter cenotes with anything on that is not biodegradable for it pollutes the water. These can be easily found in the airports.)

previewBiodegradable Mosquito repellent (same reason)

previewHead lamp (it gets dark at night and sometimes there will not be enough lighting. This will aid communication).

previewWater Container (let’s avoid buying plastic bottles, bring your own to re-fill. Due to higher temperatures we recommend to avoid plastic water containers.)

previewPocket Money



1. Having traveled all around Mexico I can give you several tips that will make your trip much more comfortable. You want to be concentrating in having fun rather than the 20 mosquito bite that decorate your legs. During the day there will be two main mosquito-happy-hour, dawn and dusk. At these times you want to either cover yourself with mosquito repellent OR (and this is my recommended option) wear long, light trousers. You know those called Aladdin or MC Hammer pants? If you don’t, google them and get a pair. They are excellent for traveling through tropical countries where mosquitoes and other insects are abundant and it’s hot. These will cover your leg (delicatessen for mosquitoes), won’t suffocate you and barely take any space in your suitcase! If you live in Toronto you will find them all around Kensington Market, specially where all the Indian and Tibetan shops are.

2. We will spend a bit of time in the van transitioning from one place to another. Some will be short others long (specially day 6). For those transition periods I recommend you bring a book, MP3 player if you’re hearing or a really talkative friend!








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