Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 – Arrival in Playa del Carmen

For those of us who will be leaving from Toronto, we will meet promptly at Toronto Pearson International Airport where we will check our bags and head towards our adventure.

In Cancun Airport the rest of the Indigo Peninsula team will pick us up and take us to our hotel in Playa del Carmen. After droping our bags we will profit from the day light to visit Playa’s famous Quinta Avenida and the turquoise Sea Beaches before heading into the jungle the day after.

In the evening we will have a Welcome Dinner made out of delicious food and drinks prepared by Mexican chef Sandra Sanchez. During the dinner our Head Tour Guide will explain to you in detail how the next 6 days will proceed.

Day 2 – Nuevo Durango Mayan Community

Rising early in the morning, after breakfast we will head towards Nuevo Durango, an organic and ecological Mayan Community. There we will be received by one of the families who will host us for the day. We will begin the day activities by meeting Xuna’an Kab (Mayan Bee) with an apiculture workshop to learn how small producers make Mexico the third largest exported of honey in the world. Meanwhile, lunch will be prepared for us by our host family who will later show us where they grow and raise what we will eat that day.

After filling our bellies a local guide will take us in through the jungle to get to a beautiful cave. We will rappel down some meters of limestone before submerging into the darkness of the underworld, only lit up by our head lamps. Our local guide will tell us stories of how the cave was discovered and the different geological formations and its history.

Back in the village, we will participate in a thousand year old ceremony inside a Temazcal (a traditional Mayan Sweat Lodge). By the end of it our body, minds and souls will have been rinsed, cleaned and purificated.

After dinner we will profoundly sleep in ecological wooden cabins, set up by the community and guarded by the warm night sounds of the jungle.

Day 3 – Ek Balam

Having said goodbye to our hosts, we will jump in the van and drive to Ek Balam, just outside the town of Temozon. On our arrival we will grab some bikes and ride a couple of kilometres into the jungle to get to the gorgeous x-Canché Cenote where we will take off our clothes, put on our swimsuits and snorkel in the crystal-like water and observe the unusual underwater nature.

After recharging our energy with a traditional lunch prepared by the beautiful ladies of Unajil, we will be hosted by a family of hammock-weavers who will teach us how to make them and tell us what they mean in their lives.

In the evening we will relax and sleep at U Najil Ekbalam (the jaguar house) Eco-Cabins, a place created and managed by a local group of indigenous people who you will meet during your stay.

Day 4 – Rio Lagartos

Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve is something you will be glad not to miss. On our arrival a local fisherman will receive us and take us on his boat through the delta of the river. We’ll be able to admire birds such as Eagles, Herons, Pelicans or Pink Flamingos and learn about the salt-making process in one of the largest places of production in Yucatan. There we will also have a Mayan Bath, which consists of covering one’s skin of a special mud that will leave our skins as soft as that of a baby.

Lunch will be prepared by the fisherman’s wife and her mother-in-law who will cook freshly caught fish and seafood for us.

After saying goodbye we’ll have to continue our journey to the colonial town of Izamal, where we will sleep in a very privileged spot.

Day 5 – Izamal / Chican

This day we will be joined by some members of the Yucatan Association for the Deaf (ASEY) in Izamal. During the morning hours we will get to know each other and learn some new Mexican Sign Language helped by our interpreters. ASEY members themselves will take us through the ancient town of Izamal telling us about its history.

Then we will head towards Chican. Chican is a humble Mayan Community that live somewhere hidden south of Merida. Part of the inhabitants of Chican are Deaf and they have created their own version of sign language. On our arrival we will all introduce ourselves in our own sign language and they will teach us some Chican Sign Language to be able to communicate. In order to get to know each other even better, we will all participate in the preparation of a communal dinner. This will involve making tortillas by hand, cutting wood, lighting a fire,… We will end this wonderful day enjoying a succulent and self-prepared meal joined by everyone in the community.

This same night each of us will have the wonderful opportunity to be hosted by a family and sleep on a comfortable hammock in their home.

Day 6 – Tulum

Our journey is nearly coming to an end, but not quite yet. Breakfast will be served for us and pack-lunches prepared by your host family for the journey back to Tulum. After saying our goodbyes and thanking them for a wonderful evening, we have a 4 hour return trip ahead of us. This will be a good time to reflect and think about all of the experiences we have lived up to that point and figure out what they really mean to us.

This long journey, however, will not be without reward. On our arrival the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, golden sand and palm trees will receive us. Our last night will be enjoyed at a beautiful Beach Hotel at Tulum. A special dinner will be catered, drinks will be served and dancing shall happen under the moonlight!

Day 7 – Bye Bye Mexico

Our intention is to get an afternoon flight so we can enjoy the Caribbean a little bit longer. In the morning, those who are not too hangover and can make it out of bed, are invited to join us in a morning swim with the majestic Green Turtles in Akumal Bay. Then we will have just enough time to have lunch, pack and get to the Airport and give our farewells to our host country: ”Hasta pronto Mexico lindo y querido!!”

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