Mayan Immersion Tour 2014


Itinerary: (*This map doesn’t show the return route from letter ‘I’ to ‘A’) .itinerary map

Duration: 6 Nights and 7 Days

Departure Date: All Year Round

Distance: 1128 km

Price: 1300$

Capacity: 11 People

Description:  adventure from the depths of the jungle to the turquoise bright sea. From East to West we will travel through the north of the Yucatan Peninsula meeting Native Mayan Communities that will share with us their thousand year old culture, as well as their delicious food, skills and homes. We will swim in ancient cenotes, where mystical ceremonies took place; cover our bodies in natural, skin-softening, mangrove mud; and rapel down hidden caves. This is a journey that will open our minds through exploring, learning and sharing. Our aim will be that of turning tourism into a beneficial journey both for the traveler and traveled.

Working alongside the Yucatan Association for the Deaf (ASEY) we will live an unforgettable journey to get to Chikan, a Mayan Village hidden away under the shadow of Ceiba trees where a large population of Deaf Mayans, who have created their own sign language dialect, live.

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Donation: Part of the total revenues of this expeditions will be donated to the Yucatan Association for the Deaf. These funds will serve to buy schooling material and improve the schooling infrastructure for the Deaf community in Yucatan. Also, Indigo Peninsula will offer job opportunities to young Mexican Deaf individuals in order to encourage their professional and personal development.

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Trip Level: Easy to Moderate. There will be some walking involved in the jungle, cycling and rappelling down caves. Those who do not feel confident in any of these activities, please contact us and we will arrange alternatives for you. All ages and fitness welcome.

Accommodation: We will stay in mix lodging. 2 nights we will sleep in comfortable wooden cabins deep in the jungle. Mosquito nets will be available for all. 1 night, traditional hammocks will hanged for us in the homes of the community villagers. Be prepared for very basic infrastructure but extremely warm and authentic experience. Finally, 3 nights we will sleep in comfortable hotel beds situated in exclusive locations that you will love. Take a sneak into out Lodging Gallery (attention spoiler!).

Weather: the month of May is ideal for travelling in Mexico. Heat hasn’t peaked yet and the rush of spring brakers has just finished. Rain is always a possibility in tropical areas but Chaak (Mayan God of Rain) is still taking a snooze for the most part.

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